Babajob Employer Testimonials

Priya of Bangalore

“I am very pleased to write this testimonial for your company, because not only are you guys involved in doing something really noble, but you are doing it with super-sharp professionalism.only are you guys involved in doing something really noble, but you are doing it with super-sharp professionalism.

I first came to know about when I was looking for a child-care helper early last year. My first visit to the babajob website itself was a sign that I had reached the right place. Your extensive database of job seekers gave me the confidence that I may find the right person here.

But my experience with babajob became even better when I started interacting with the team over the phone. They were extremely polite and helpful. Basically they assured me that they will be able to find me the right candidate for the job. In the course of my search I interviewed a few candidates over the phone and a couple of them in person. The enthusiasm and professionalism displayed by each candidate came as a breath of fresh air. In the end I found the perfect person for the job, who has been with me now for over 18 months and has become an integral part of my household.

I wish babajob all the luck in their future ventures. Their pioneering work in this field is helping unskilled workers gain a lot of transparency and dignity in their job-search. “

Mamta Rathi of Bangalore

“ is a one-stop agency for all your domestic needs. They are efficient in providing the helpers. They have well-structured information about people seeking job. So once you register, you can immediately search as per your requirements. People working at the office in Bangalore do a good job of finding the right candidates and explaining to them what is expected.

This is one of the best agencies that will work with you patiently in order to truly help you.”

Vandana Narula of Bangalore

“First of all, I would like to congratulate you for having a great team who is dedicated, cordial, ready to help and spend time to listen to clients and their requirements. The babajob team has really gone out of their way to help me find a house maid.

I came to babajob with no expectations as I had previously been disappointed with a number of other agencies. However, from day one the response I got from babajob was really great as I was assured that I would be able to find an employee. If I will ever need another employee, I know which company to call. Thanks guys. Keep the good work going. I am spreading the word around. You guys are great.”

Ilin Kinimi of Bangalore

“I am happy to inform you that the service provided by babajob has been good so far. We are thankful to the team and we look forward to further collaboration with babajob.”

P G, Ponnapa of Bangalore

“I have had the driver that you recommended for about 2 months now. I am happy to say that he has settled down well and want to comment that the speed by which you had got him for me was very good.”

Arti Goudar of Bangalore

“Thanks a lot for your help in finding a good maid for me. Your team service was great and I believe is a great organization. I’m really impressed by the way you treat the employer and the employee and take into account both sets of requirements. The employee you provided has been a great fit. Great job and thanks a million. So far I have not seen any agency working towards understanding each and every employee and employer requirements and being so polite and patient. The babajob customer service is excellent.”

Jannette Sadhu of Bangalore

“The primary reason for this mail is to appreciate your service to the society. The way you carry out your terms and conditions are admirable when compared to a lot of unrealizable agencies in the market. A special thanks to Jeena and Asha who are extremely friendly and polite when dealing with customers. All the best and carry on the good work.”

RKGroup of Gandhinagar, Bangalore

“RKGroup one of your existing client using Babajob services. For the last three to four months, we have used babajob to fulfil our various candidate needs. We found your service quite satisfactory and the response shown by your service provider is really appreciable. We are hoping to continue our relationship with babajob.”

Lakshmi of Bangalore

“I had hired a nanny through and I must say that I am pretty impressed with the whole concept. For people like me, who have recently moved to a new city, it is very difficult to find a trustworthy maid. I didn’t even know where to start looking! Then one of my colleagues came to my rescue and suggested I gave it a try and was happy with the service offered.

I interviewed four people and selected one with the help of the babajob team, who was very much willing to find a good match. ] My employee has been with me for the past 2 months and we have a very positive working relationship. She is very caring and genuinely caring towards my child.

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and thanks to the whole concept behind babajob and all the company staff members.”

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