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Jun 25, 2013
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Steps to Reduce Poverty and Improve Employer-Employee Relationships

Our mission is, and has always been, to help alleviate poverty and improve lives through better jobs. Towards this end, we’ve compiled a set of valuable guidelines for employers; we’re also advocating health insurance for job seekers and have a list of the best health insurance policies for the informal sector.*

In partnership with the Alternative Law Forum, we assembled 7 Simple Steps that all domestic employers should follow. These steps include some of the basics such as legal working hours, to suggestions that will help employers hire the perfect candidate and retain. Click here to find out the 7 Simple Steps!

Health insurance for the informal sector is a priority to us since healthcare related debt is the single biggest cause of poverty and class decline. To help, after in-depth research, we identified a set of four Affordable & Easy to Purchase Health Insurance policies for Indian domestic workers. Click here to discover the top four health insurance policies for your household staff!

* We are not affiliated with these health insurance companies; we solely recommend their use to help protect informal sector workers from falling into poverty.
Mar 8, 2011
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