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Jun 25, 2013
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How The Informal Sector Affects Your Daily Life

Why You Should Treat Informal Workers With Respect

In India, over 400 million people work in the informal sector which is roughly 75% of India’s working labour force. While the sector has been accused of not paying taxes and flouting labour laws it still contributes a lot to India’s GDP. Furthermore, with today’s fast paced world, the informal sector has acted as an anchor to India’s urbanites.

Imagine a modern day mother in Bangalore; she has the ideal 2.5 kids, a big job in an MNC, an apartment in a gated community, a nice car and to cap it off, a husband who works as a manager in a software firm. To pull off her different hats, she will often need to hire assistance in form of an aayah to tend to the kids while she is at work, a maid cum cook to keep the house squeaky clean and make family meals and lastly a driver to shuttle her kids to school. Without these hires, she may have to sacrifice her career aspirations.

With many BPO jobs based in Bangalore, you will find a lot of bachelors migrating to the city suburbs with their newly minted software degrees. While living without mum may mean losing a few luxuries, a bachelor does not have to spend a lot of money to keep his den clean. He can easily hire a part time maid to clean his house for a meagre amount of Rs 2000 pm. While the pay may seem little, a part time maid may work in more than three households and cumulatively earn a decent pay making it a win-win situation for everyone.

If you go to a fancy wedding, you a likely to see beautiful silk saris worn by the bridal party .What you may not know is behind that sari lies a husband and wife team working in kanchipuram where they laboriously weave thread by thread of silk to come up with that intricate pattern . The sari is then delivered to a retail store which in turn relies on a savvy sales person to sell it to the potential customer.

Besides providing employment, the Informal sector also gives hope to marginalized communities that may not have had access to tertiary education. When Flipkart looks to hire delivery boys they do not ask for a bachelors degree but rather a 12th Standard graduate with great communication skills and a two wheeler. This also means that an average 12th standard graduate has the potential to significantly contribute to the burgeoning e-commerce ecosystem.

In conclusion, wherever you look, you will see that you rely heavily on the informal sector to smoothly run your day to day life; the cashier at your local store, your fruit seller and even the safety of you home relies on your security guard . As such, you should learn to treat these people well by providing fare wages and giving them due respect. After all you need them as much as they need you. is India’s largest job site for the informal sector. We are dedicated to bringing better employment job opportunities to the informal job sector by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.
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Jun 25, 2013
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Conducting Interviews Effectively

The Key To Finding The Perfect Candidate.

Job interviews form one of the most important part in the hiring process. If you carry out interviews well you are likely to find a suitable hire for the job, however if you conduct interviews shoddily, you are likely to get a bad hire leading to higher hiring costs later on. Here’s how to get it right the first time.

Understand the job role
Imagine if you had to buy groceries on behalf of your mother. Would you blindly go to the Kirana shop and buy everything? Of course not! If you are interviewing on behalf of a department, ask the department manager what skills and experience level they are looking for and list them down in the same way you would ask for your mother’s shopping list. That way you will be ‘shopping’ for those skills from the candidates who come. You can also use the past employees experience in the job: what skills did they possess? What were their weakness and strengths?

Make the candidate comfortable
Have you ever attended a meeting where someone forgot you were coming? It certainly felt rude and unprofessional didn’t it? That is why you should always have someone to welcome the candidate once they arrive in your office. Once the candidate has settled in the interview room try to make him comfortable by smiling and even offering something to drink. Introduce yourself and the interview panel and start off with small chat. This usually helps the candidate to relax and be themselves.

Read the non-verbal signs
Sometimes it’s good to judge the book by its cover. When the candidate steps into the room, look at their demeanour. Was the candidate on time or were they late for the interview? Lateness may recur once the candidate is hired and no employer wants a tardy worker. You can also access the kind of firm shake: firm handshakes always indicate confidence. Clothes are also indicative of how seriously a candidate takes the job. Wrinkled shirts are a big no while pressed shirts indicate attention to detail.

Set up appropriate Interview questions
There are three things you need to access in an interview, the candidate’s past experience, how the candidate’s thinks in different situations and work behaviors. To begin with, you need to come up with a list of general questions based on the Job seekers CV. For example how long did you work in company X? What course did you study in school Y? This is where referees come in handy you can always fact check later on whether the candidate was being truthful.

To gauge how the job seeker thinks give them hypothetical or real-scenario situational question. For example ‘if we had to reach a sales target of 1 lac by end-month and we only had a quarter by mid-month how would you ensure the target is made?’Lastly you should gauge the candidate based on their past performance through open ended questions. For example; ‘tell me of a time when you successfully achieved your targets’ By asking this type of questions, you understand the candidate and take notes to analyse whether they are a fit match for your vacancy.

Wrapping up
Once the interview is over explain to the candidate what the next steps will be. You can also use this opportunity to ask the candidate whether he has any queries. When a candidate asks questions you can use this opportunity to see how interested they are in the job or even how well they conducted their company research. Look out for the candidate’s follow up behaviour. Etiquette dictates that they send a thank you note.

Good Luck!
Babajob Team is India’s largest job site for the informal sector. We are dedicated to bringing better employment job opportunities to the informal job sector by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.
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Jun 25, 2013
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What Jobseekers Can Learn From Indian Cricket.

Cricket Tips You Can Use At Work.

By winning the Champions Trophy, Indian cricket has started shining again.IPL VI was so scandal-laden (almost rivaling the twist and turns of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu) that most people predicted the game would never recover. Turns out a few bad mangoes don’t ruin the whole lot-Dhoni and his brilliant team proved the naysayers wrong. So what lessons can job seekers pick from the disasters at IPL and the victory at the Champions trophy? We have found six important tips from cricket that employees should apply at work.

Be a leader
When Dhoni tossed the ball to Ishant Sharma at the finals, most people were not amused-Sharma was one of the least effective bowlers but this moved seemed turned out to be a smart one when England’s Morgan pulled a shot mid-wicket to Ashwin at Sharma’s first wide.
As an employee you should have leadership skills whether a fresher or experienced. Just like Dhoni, experienced candidates should support their colleagues by providing support to the weaker team members who may need help. As a fresher, when you are given opportunities at work, do your best even if you feel like you are not the best. After all, practice makes perfect so take chances because even when you mess up you are still learning.

It’s ok to quit a job
At the end of IPL, Sachin Tendulkar announced on live TV that this would be his last IPL. To top it off he would also be missing out on the champion’s trophy leaving many fans sad. Turns out the opening partnership of Rohit Sharma and Dhawan at the Champion's trophy was playing as well as Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag did in the past.
Similarly, for experienced candidates, sometimes when you have done something for long, it’s best to quit it and leave it for the younger generation. By quitting you also avail yourself for other better opportunities where you can not only learn new skills but increase your salary. Fresher’s who have been left with big shoes to fill should also look to perform to their level best.

Shine at Work
Playing for the Royal Challengers, Chris Gayle recorded the fastest 50 in IPL history, fastest 100 in T20 history and the highest individual score in T20 format. Weeks after IPL wrapped up; people were still speaking about his IPL feat. Most job seekers only do what is expected of them at work. However, you should go the extra mile and work to your level best such that everyone remembers your brilliant performance.

Your Boss is not always right
Gurunath Meiyappan, who (unofficially) heads the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), was allegedly in constant touch with actor Vindoo Dhara Singh, who was arrested by Mumbai police in connection with the betting-fixing scandal. Despite this Chennai went on to the finals of the IPL.
This goes to show that while your boss could be wrong you still have to get the job done and that requires you to focus on the important issues that need to be done.

Team Work Pays!
Yusuf Pathan attributed teamwork to India’s winning performance at the Champions’ trophy. Leaving the IPL woes behind, the team performed as a unit in England going on to beat the hosts at the finals. Similarly, the Sunrisers Hyderabad was only formed this year yet they managed to beat Royal Challengers and enter the play offs. Opener, Shikhar Dhawan, saw this as an effect of team work where it’s not about the individual but rather gelling together as a team and enjoying each others success.In the same way, you should learn to appreciate your work colleagues and unite for the good of the company.

Do not cheat at work-you'll be caught!
Rajastani Royals had three players in trouble for playing with bookies. This not only brought shame to the players but also tainted the whole game. Desperate job seekers should also learn not to cheat by giving employers fake documents or even stealing from work. By having an honest reputation at work, you become a desirable employee.

Good Luck!
Babajob Team is India’s largest job site for the informal sector. We are dedicated to bringing better employment job opportunities to the informal job sector by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.
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Jun 24, 2013
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Attracting Employers To Your Babajob Profile

Making Employers Notice You

Did you know that there are over 8, oo, ooo job seekers on Babajob? So how do you stand out to employers? To make an employer notice your profile and contact you, here’s a list of important things you need to have on your profile.

Contact information
Always ensure you have updated your contact information. We have had enough complaints on how a potential employer calls and the number provided turns out to be switched off or worse does not exist. If you change your number, you should always update it using the edit button on your profile page. If you also have an email address feel free to add it as well but it should not be the only way an employer can contact you.

About Me
This is where you advertise yourself to the employer. You should start with your name, your school, followed by your experience and your character. It could be something like this:

‘My name is Chandrashekar.B; I have completed my II Pre University at Vijaya College, Bangalore. I have basic IT knowledge. I have more than 2years of BPO experience in Outbound and Inbound Process. I am a hardworker and have a pleasant personality.'

Education level
Employers determine who they employ by looking at the candidates studies. You should always mention the name of the school, what you studied and what you achieved (12th standard, diploma, degree or MBA).

Communication is important in all work environments and therefore it’s important to show the employer your language skills. In Bangalore, English and Kannada are important while in places like Delhi, Hindi is supreme.

Your previous wok history is important to an employer because he can analyze whether you are suitable for his job posting. You write your experience based on the most recent followed by older jobs. Do not forget to say the period you worked on that job and include current and expected salary. If you are a fresher, leave the experience part blank.

Reviews and References
Employers are always curious to know what kind of employee you were in your previous job. Were you hardworking, efficient, and reliable? This is why it’s important to include references as an employer may need to do a small background check. 90% of job seekers with references get shortlisted by employers on Babajob.

A photo on your profile attracts employers since you are no longer an unknown job seeker but they feel like they know you already. Ensure that the photo you upload is not the crazy type you have on Facebook but rather one that is professional looking with formal clothing.

Good luck!
Babajob Team is India’s largest job site for the informal sector. We are dedicated to bringing better employment job opportunities to the informal job sector by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.
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Jun 20, 2013
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Avoid Job Scams With These Smart Tips!

Examples Of Job Scams And How To Avoid Them.

With about 60% unemployment in Greece, a lot of desperate Greeks are falling prey to scammers. But scamming is not limited to economies under recession, India has also seen its share of job scams such as the rural jobs scam where fictitious workers act as revenue for corrupt government officials. Here are some examples of job scams that target naive job seekers and how to avoid falling into the trap.

Take the case of Santhosh. After graduating, he thought he could kick start his career by pursing a call center job. Unaware of other viable options in Patna, Santhosh made the mistake of approaching a consultancy. The consultancy asked him for his resume and confirmed that there were four positions befitting his profile. Interviews for these positions would start the next week and before going for an interview, he would have to pay a registration amount of Rs.500. Santhosh reasoned that this was fair since the registration fee also allowed him access to employer interviews all year through. Furthermore, he could directly approach employers with the said fees; little did he know that was the beginning of his nightmare.

Days turned into weeks without getting a call for an interview and just when Santhosh was about to give up, he got a call for an interview. He went on to pass the interview and was offered the position. Oddly enough, the employer asked him to pick up his offer letter from the consultancy. On requesting his offer letter, the consultancy asked him to sign a letter stating that he had agreed to offer his first salary as placement charges. Having already paid the registration fees, this new money request shocked him but the consultancy persuaded him that he could split the payment into two installments. Left with no other employment options, Santhosh agreed to this fraud. Later on, he learnt that the employer had a pre-arranged deal with the consultancy such that half of his first and second salary went directly to the consultancy.

To avoid such a scam, you will need to do your job research efficiently. While there are some consultancies that are fake, some are genuine. If you want to approach a consultancy make sure it’s a reputable one by asking your friends or family who may have an idea. Most genuine consultancies charge employers rather than job seekers and even when they charge job seekers they only do it once and the fee is normally marginal. Even better, job sites such as Babajob allow you to easily register for free, view available jobs for free, contact employers and ask for nothing when you get hired.

A while back, there were some conniving ‘recruiters’ who would post jobs on a reputed job site with offers from companies such as Barclays or Pfizer in the UK. Once you sent in your job application, you would get an email with a soft copy version of an offer letter detailing a mouth watering expatriate package deal. However, there was a catch. To facilitate the process, it was mandatory for you to contact an immigration lawyer who would require a consultation fee of about Rs 7000 .Alternatively, you could give a call to a number starting with 44-70xxxxxxx for additional instructions. Failure to do this would result into you terminating the employment process.

So how do you know that this is a fake job? To begin with, there was no interview process. Whether it’s a maid job or a manager position, any serious employer will always ask for an interview especially since this ‘job’ was purported to be an international position. Secondly, for international jobs, the visa application process is always initiated by the employer and processed at the official embassy and not through a fictitious immigration consultant. The fact that the employer demanded that you call the consultant or else forfeit the position was a tell-tale sign that they just wanted to part with your hard earned money.

Other job scams such as this one at Hitachi offered a position with a final interview session slated at the company headquarters but you had to send money in advance(refundable of course) to ‘secure’ your position as part of the human resource management process. This was obviously a lie because not only would Hitachi not offer you a job via email but they would also never charge you to facilitate their hiring process.

There are many more job scams that look to lure desperate job seekers so be on the lookout for fake job agents. You can tell this when they ask for money in advance or when they ask you to sign contracts stating you will give them your salary. Sometime, the best things are actually free and thus the best advice is that you should register with Babajob where you have lakhs of job opportunities!

Good Luck!
Babajob is India’s largest job site for the informal sector. We are dedicated to bringing better employment job opportunities to the informal job sector by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.
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Jun 19, 2013
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Hiring Tips For The BPO Employer

How To Hire And Keep That BPO Worker.

As the world’s BPO City, Bangalore is never short of BPO Candidates. Giants like WIPRO, TCS and Infosys often provide lucrative offers to candidates to jump ship leading to a notorious poaching culture which is sometimes replicated at the lower level. As a small or medium sized BPO Company with less financial muscle, here’s what you need to do to hire great BPO Candidates.

Plan to Hire
Being a fickle industry, a lot of hiring managers deal with unexpected walk outs depending on who is hiring that week. Unfortunately, most employers deal with this issue by placing banners outside their companies requesting for walk in candidates who may not have the right requirements.
Instead of doing this, employers need to prepare adequately by mapping out their hiring needs based on the trends. If you expect employee turnover in two months, then start the hiring process within the same time range. Companies like also have different types of hiring plans like the unlimited plan which allows you to hire throughout the year.

Give a great salary
Most employers make the mistake of always going for freshers because they are cheap and readily available. This is wrong because of two main reasons. Anyone with a PUC degree will apply just for the sake of earning money so they are not necessarily qualified nor are they motivated to stay. Secondly, they will likely hop to the next employer who offers a higher salary meaning higher hiring costs. Companies should offer a competitive salary within the market range, this way you will get applications from highly qualified candidates who are attracted to the salary. Once you have a rich talent pool applying for the job, weed out a few more by asking them questions about their aspirations and why they are really applying for the job. While it means passing up a few qualified candidates, you end up with the creme de la creme who will not be easily lured.

Provide great working conditions
Since the BPO Market is very cut throat, most employers treat their employees with disregard, after all they will leave in six months, they say. Job seekers note this mistreatment resulting into further resentment for the job with them eventually leaving. To avoid this, employer should always think of the value they will provide to an employee. Simple things like free lunch or transport for the evening shift can be great motivators. A conducive working-environment where an employer freely engages with employees also helps employees to give feedback on any issues they may be facing. Eventually you may find that workers are staying on not because of the salary but because they enjoy working there.

Look out for great communication skills
While some BPO tasks deal withback end duties like typing, some require the candidate to actually communicate with the client. Ensure that the candidates you interview have excellent communication and English language skills. As the face of the company, candidates will also need to have great client servicing skills. To deal with this, some BPO companies offer language and customer service classes that not only improve the quality of work provided by the company, but also increase employee loyalty as workers view this as a learning opportunity.

Assess the typing skills
Some BPO-Data entry jobs are considered a no brainer, meaning any 12th Standard graduate can do it, but that does not mean you should let them do it. Workers who have horrible typing skills may cost you in the long run as clients flee your of shoddy work. Ensure that when hiring, you have written tests where a candidates typing skills are accessed. While due diligence takes a whole lot of time and money, it will be worth it in the end when you present high quality work to clients.

Offer growth opportunities
One of the main reasons employees leave the BPO industry is because of the flat operational structure. With no career growth opportunities, ambitious employees leave to further climb the career ladder. To avoid this, create HR structures that allow room for aspiration. For example if an employee has served diligently for three years think of ways to promote the person to a senior level with a salary perk added to it. This acts as an example to younger employees who see that there is a possibility of moving from one level to the next which then drives them to stick with you longer.

Good Luck!
Babajob Team is India’s largest job portal for the informal sector. We are dedicated to bringing better employment job opportunities to the informal job sector by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.
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Jun 13, 2013
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Agency Model Of Hiring Versus Job Sites-Which Is Better And Why?

The Six Cs To Consider Before Hiring A Consultancy

For small & medium sized companies with hiring needs, the choice ultimately comes down to either small consultancies or a job website

Compared tojob portals, agencies are relatively more expensive. While some only charge the employer, some unscrupulous agencies often charge both the employer and job seekers. It’s this kind of greed that makes them not only unattractive to employers but also frustrate job seekers. Job seekers whose salary is halved due to ‘placement charges’ enter the new job more frustrated and are likely to quit the job leading to even higher hiring costs for the employer.

On the other hand, job sites such as Babajob allow for free trial before purchase of a package. That way an employer gets a feel of the whole e-hiring process as well as accessing the quality of candidates available. Furthermore, an employer has the choice of different payment plans from as low as Rs 1000 to as high as Rs 5000 depending on their vacancy needs. Additionally, job seekers on Babajob register for free and no charges are incurred when they get placed.

Miscommunication is another issue people complain about when dealing with agencies. While negotiating with the company, an agent may get a salary offer of Rs 9000 but then end up offering Rs7000 to the job seeker in order to pocket the Rs2000.What happens is that the employer thinks he’s paying a fare wage while the job seeker feels he is being fleeced. This also happens a lot with job descriptions where agencies relay a different job description from what the employer actually wants. This leads to misunderstandings as a job seeker is frustrated with the job and the employer does not understand why. With job sites, the salary on offer and other job details are out in the open so communication issues rarely occurs between the two parties.

Customer Eccentric
Attrition rates are always higher in agencies than job sites not only because of job seeker frustration but because agencies sometimes churn their job seekers after a few months. Since most agencies are mainly driven by profit, their interest is not to get a perfect candidate but rather a person to fill the void and snag the commission. Nevertheless, online job sites are more customer-eccentric and thus are likely to focus on satisfying the employer and job seeker by providing excellent customer service. They do this by providing demos, giving personalised service, asking for feedback and some even offer refunds in case they do not find someone. Job seekers on job sites are also likely to be more qualified since they know job websites are focused on quality rather than quantity.

Business owners may have varying placement needs that agencies cannot fulfil. For example they may need delivery boys, telecallers as well as Salespeople. Since agencies are highly specialised, they may only have the capacity to deal with a few job categories leaving an employer to search elsewhere to fulfil his employment gaps. However, job websites act as a one stop shop for hiring with categories ranging from maid to manager and thus ease the headache that is the hiring process.

Since most agencies interview the candidates on your behalf you may have less control over who shows up for work the next day. Agencies are notorious for bypassing standard interview processes so most employers end up with pricey under-qualified candidates. With job websites, you get to ‘window shop’ the profiles of the candidates who applied for the job before initiating the interview process. That way not only do you get to compare the different candidates but the ultimate candidate choice is left to you.

In today’s digital world, candidates are now finding it easier to apply for employment opportunities online. Portals like sign up thousands of job seekers on a daily basis. Compare this to agencies whose methods of acquisition include the occasional walk in or referral. For an employer, this means the richest candidate resource is not found in consultancies but rather online.

Good Luck!
Babajob Team is India’s largest job portal for the informal sector. We are dedicated to bringing better employment job opportunities to the informal job sector by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.
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Jun 4, 2013
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How To Conduct Yourself In The Interview.

Key Steps To Passing Your Job Interview

So now that you have leant how to prepare for an interview, this is what you need to do during the interview.Make sure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview. If you are unexpectedly delayed, ensure you call your interviewer and explain that you will be late. Once you get to the office, greet the receptionist warmly and specify the reason you came and the name of the interviewer. Switch off your phone and wait to be called in the interview room.

On entering the interview room, give a firm handshake and a warm smile to each of the interviewers. You should then give out copies of your documents to the interviewer from your folder. Be calm and sit upright without slouching on the chair. When the question starts, ensure that you answer questions as honestly as possible as interviewers can tell when you lie. Do not rush over our answers; the interviewer would prefer clear and well thought out answers. If you find an answer difficult, pause and think about it before blurting out the answer.

The interviewer will ask about your understanding of the job and thus it is crucial that you know all the job duties and responsibilities. Answer questions with specific examples of what you did in your previous experience. For example:

Interviewer: What are your achievements as a sales person?
Job Seeker: My sales target for last year was 9 lakh but I managed to do over 10 lakhs by calling more customers.

If you feel like something is not clear, do not be afraid to ask a question. However ensure that you have intelligent questions that show you are truly interested in the employer and the opportunity presented. Do not speak negatively of your previous employers as this will look bad.

Salary is always a sensitive issue so you should wait for the interviewer to bring it up. You should always mention the salary range that you are expecting. Do not lie about your current salary because they may ask proof of your payslip.

Lastly, do not act desperate for the job rather, be confident and believe in your abilities. Employers will see this and hire you.

Good Luck!
Babajob Team is India’s largest job site for the informal sector. We are dedicated to bringing better employment job opportunities to the informal job sector by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.
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May 29, 2013
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How To Prepare For An Interview.

Getting Ready For The Big Day

The most exciting time for a job seeker is when after months of job searching, an employer calls you for an interview! At this level, the employer has verified that you are well qualified for the job and all you need to do is just convince him that you are the best candidate. Here’s what you need to do.

The first thing you should do after hanging up the phone (and doing a happy dance) is research the company online. Analyze the following: what does the company do? What products do they sell? What is the latest company news, who will be interviewing and what is their position? The more knowledge you have on the company the better as this will reflect in your interview. Since not all companies are online, you can always ask among your friends and family about the company.

Prepare your documents
Ensure that your CV is updated with all your current details. You should also own a folder which holds all your academic certificates, CV and other work documents neatly. By bringing all the relevant documents in an interview, an employer gains confidence in your abilities since there is proof. Carrying your documents also portrays you as professional and well organised.

Interview questions are always the same; tell me about yourself, what are your past achievements, what is your career goal and so on. You should draw a list of the questions you are most likely to be asked and go over your answers with a friend. Practice giving great answers and maintaining eye contact with the interviewer. By the time you get to the interview, you should speak confidently and effortlessly.

Appearance Matters
When you first meet someone you do not know, your first impression is always based on their appearance. Employers will also do the same and hence the reason you need to dress smart. Your hair should be well groomed, clothes well ironed and the shoes should be polished. When you’re dressed sharply, you also boost your confidence.

Time Management
The night before the interview ensure you have your day planned out to avoid being late for your interview. Ideally you should be at the interview venue 15 minutes before the allocated time. This gives you time to gather your thoughts and go through your CV.

Lastly, have a positive attitude when going for the interview. If you are well prepared you are bound to get the job.

Good Luck!
Babajob Team is India’s largest job site for the informal sector. We are dedicated to bringing better employment job opportunities to the informal job sector by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services.
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May 22, 2013
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Searching For A Job Online?

Here Are Some Top Ten Tips To Help You Apply For Your Dream Job.

When applying for job opportunities online, there are certain things that you will need to consider. Here is a list of top 10 things to look at before hitting the ‘apply’ button.

1. Search for jobs based on type of job or job category. Apply to categories that are of interest to you and that you are well qualified for. For example if you have experience in retail sales or counter sales, apply for jobs in the sales category.

2. Look at the work timings. Some jobs have normal 9-5 but some may have evening shifts which may not be suitable for all candidates. If you have a family, night/evening shifts may prove to be difficult for your family so keep that in mind. Partime Jobs should also be considered if you are looking at making extra cash.

3. Find a job close to home. If you live far away from the desired job consider how long it would take you to get to work because this may affect your work performance and transport costs.

4. It is also important to look at the years of experience required. Some employers are looking for freshers while other will need experienced candidates. Always be on the lookout for employers who want your level of experience, trust me they are there.

5. Look for your desired salary. If the salary offered is less than what you want, do not apply for the job. Employers find it annoying when they interview candidates who ask for a higher salary than what was quoted in the job description. The ideal salary is one that allows you to pay for all your expenses and leaves you with some savings. However, do not reject jobs because of the salary, sometimes the experience is worth it!

6. Another mistake is applying for a job that you are not academically qualified for. When an employer asks for 10th standard and you have a university degree, you are definitely overqualified for the job.

7. While applying for a job keep in mind your career goals. Some jobs will give you an opportunity to grow from a fresher position to an assistant manager position in a few years while come might keep you in the same level.

8. There are significant differences when it comes to the size of the company. Working for a big company means that you might have access to better facilities and a better salary. However some small companies are also known to have good salaries and are more flexible.

9. Some companies normally employ fresher because they place emphasis on the job training. If you are a fresher this would be the ideal company as not only do get a salary but you also get quality training that makes other companies attracted to you.

10. There are companies that give employees additional perks such as free lunch, transport & other benefits. Such benefits make the work environment better as well as helping you save money.

Ultimately, your passion determines whether you will get the job or not. If you are simply applying for a job because you are jobless, the employer will see your desperation. But if you are passionate and well qualified for the job an employer is likely to hire you. Finally have clear mindset that you will stay on the job and avoid job hopping after every three months.

Good Luck!
Babajob Team is India’s largest job portal for the informal sector. We are dedicated to bringing better employment job opportunities to the informal job sector by appropriately connecting the right employers and job seekers via the web, mobile apps, SMS, the mobile web and voice services. to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on twitter
May 3, 2013
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