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Sunday: Flea Market Poetry Across Borders at WortWedding

From my window, as I reluctantly woke up this morning, I watched the sun fight the grey clouds. Finally after perhaps an hour, this tussle ended with a victorious, though weak sun. But it was a splendid victory as far as I was concerned. This meant that there was a possibility of venturing into the streets and into the flea market after all. And so I called my friend of MOD ( and off we went to buy German craftsy stuff. Feel like kicking myself, but in the excitement of it all, I totally forgot to take pics for you guys.
Turns out this was probably a good thing. My phone certainly didnt make it. So, essentially my phone, a Samsung Android had gotten so used to the moderate to tropical climes of Bangalore that the -5 of Berlin killed it. Yep it died of cold!!
Anna, Tile and I finally took ourselves to a wonderful little coffee shop (this is where finally said camera was pulled out, so see pics...and also where demise of phone was discovered).
I made it over to WortWedding ( just in time to tune into a great Poetry Across Borders session at Jaaga. Tatjana Fell (founder of, Nicola (founder of and I listened to some really great Bangalore poets and then Nicola introduced everyone to her favourite poet - Lala. Yep, she is Indian and from Kashmir. I later read some poems from my collections ( of last year which I wrote while I was in Berlin...
It was a lovely day, and I think a fruitful one too...Nicola, Tatjana and I worked out ways that we can collaborate in the long term. Yeah!!
Feb 21, 2011
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One Week of Entries, and Moving into Arttransponder

A week has gone by really fast! Let me see if I can recapture all the interesting things that happened, starting in reverse order:

FRIDAY | 18.2.11: At Arttransponder & WortWedding Local Intelligence Connect

Today I spent all my time here in Arttransponder ( which is part of the larger and impressive project - Kolonie Wedding ( There will be a more detailed post about both these artist-led initiatives next week, but rest assured that they are amazing, and run by really passionate people. I also got to meet with Andrzej who is the founder of MondayNews ( an amazing artist support platform and network both online and offline. Had deep conversations with Bus and Gunther of Local Intelligence ( where we brainstormed on ways to collaborate and share knowledge between each other, potentially resulting in a 3 month session where they come over to Jaaga.
A great outcome for the day was stopping by WortWedding ( and meeting Nicola the founder. It is a space that encourages the cross-pollination of performance, poetry, words and art. She has graciously agreed to host a Poetry Across Borders session this coming Sunday at her project room. I love spontaneous connections like this one. You will get to see some documentation of this space and the event in my next post for sure.

THURSDAY | 17.2.11: Presenting at BetaBreakfast Lamp Making at BetaBeer

Yesterday was a fantastic way to end my time at ODC, Betahaus. I woke up and I presented to a group of super interesting people at BetaBreakfast at 10am. See pics. And then stayed on in the evening for the Baustel Bar aka BetaBeer and maker party. This was a session of open mic presentation of the various Maker projects that had set up counters for the evening. People could go and stop at each of these tables and learn to make anything from lampshades out of waste fabrics, to projection screens out of tea bags, to printing your digital creations into real objects using the Makerbot ( I made a lampshade using someone castoff pullover.
On a more personal note - I really missed being with my husband Sean for his big birthday bash. Luckily my friends sent me realtime photos of it from their phone so I kinda felt part of it still

WEDNESDAY | 16.2.11: Meeting People at ODC

Wednesday was a day to make my way over to my headquarters for the rest of my stay - I got acquainted with the lay of the land in the neighbourhood of Wedding. I also met Dr. Anna Fenk, an old friend and architect for lunch and returned to ODC to meet with an very interesting duo from Graffiti Research Lab (I have already blogged about them - who are looking to set up a franchisee of their lab at Betahaus and exploring home-mede lazer cutters for a community project.

TUESDAY | 16.2.11 : Reunion with Aedes Gallery

Tuesday I went over to Aedes where I met the main curator - Ulla Geisler and Eva who interns with them. I knew them from the What Makes India Urban (see pics from that above) that was hosted last year in October. Jaaga was featured in this exhibition. Aedes is one of a kind architecture and art gallery where they curate interesting projects that are creative and innovative in the architecture space -
It was a rewarding and warm re-connection that might open up into Jaaga participating in another of their exhibitions this coming September that is focused on Water based innovation. Also potentially Jaaga hosting part of the What Makes India Urban exhibition too. Yay!

MONDAY: Open Workshop at ODC

Monday was my last full day at Betahaus. It was a long day of setting up appointments and wonderful conversations with the people at ODC. It ended with an open workshop evening at ODC - Baustelmontag (Free open workshop). A crew of really interesting people showed up and started to tinker away. Unfortunately I cant seem to remember all the names, but I do remember the projects that they were working on - wearable textiles and getting them to react to light, makerbot creations, the guitar that is photo-sensitive...see the pics above to get a feel of the evening that went though into late night and beers.
Feb 19, 2011
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Helmut and the Berlin Art Scene

Yesterday was mostly a lazy day. It was too cold for me to want to get out of my apartment, but in came Helmut and off we headed to his atelier.
Helmut runs a model-making studio. He has big millers that can pretty much carve out anything that you can come up with on a computer. He took time out to show me how the machines work and the end results. The best part is he worked with DJ Hell to make a huge mark of his face. On this they projected video that made it look all eerie and cool. As I was rifling though a book on Model Makers in Germany I found on his workbench, Helmut pointed me to a chapter on him! I also got a peek at his colly, sporty Harley and DJ station. Yep he moonlights as a DJ at night sometimes when the mood is right.

After a nice cosy chat with Tine and Merle (his girlfriend and her daughter who is studying in art school now), Helmut and I headed off to an art opening. It was at a gorgeous old power station or factory with ceilings as high as about 20mts. It was an opening of his friend and fellow DJ Mike's girlfriend Uta's paintings. They kinda reminded me a bit of Nirali's earlier works. Nice I thought. And then there was a really nice choral performance by about 30 odd people that was sprung up as a pleasant surprise...kinda flash mobby. We ended the evening with dinner at LyLak a Turkish fast-food place. Thanks Helmut for being a great host

Today I just lounged in my room mostly. Got some long-pending Jaaga documents done. Just stirred out now to get something to eat. Its still rather cold and gray out unfortunately. Luckily I bought myself a little book to read on Friday, so I am all set to have a quiet evening, Its a bit trashy, but entertaining nonetheless. Written by T.C. Boyle, its an imaginative take on the life of architect Frank Llyod Wright and his 3 wives. It was one of the choice of three english books in the little bookstore in Kroezberg that I stumbled upon.
Feb 13, 2011
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Getting into the Vibe at ODC, Betahaus

MISHMASHMEcame over to ODC and then we headed off to grab some beer and dinner. We went off to a really cool bar - see pics. There is delicious graffiti everywhere in this city!

Ok, now Guten Nachten!It's been great just hanging out with the ODC crew. I show up everyday and participate in whatever goes on here. I get to meet some really fun people, doing some great work. One such person is LUIS who was actually here to meet up with some potential clients for a installation art piece.

While pottering about, I ended up having a fascinating chat with Regina who was working on a little cache pod for the GEOCHACHING project. Gave me a ton of ideas on small fun projects to do in Blore with this tech. Regina it turns out is a freelancer designer, techie, educator. She says that Indians tend to make eye contact during conversations a lot more in than Europeans...who consider it slightly intrusive...oops!

Mirae of GRAFFITI RESEARCH LAB is another cool lady I got to hob-nob with. We already exchanged emails and will probably look to see if there are some venues for collab there.

Julia Vernersson of Trial & Error runs a cool, quirky magazine that looks into sustainability related art and design projects. They are in their 6th issue and would make a great link-up with the MOD crew - attn. Naresh & Anna.

Did I mention that last night was really fun. Anna of MISHMASHMEcame over to ODC and then we headed off to grab some beer and dinner. We went off to a really cool bar - see pics. There is delicious graffiti everywhere in this city!

This night was a completely different experience however. Regina and I set off to explore Thuringen Stuben, that served only the specialised German cuisine from the area of Thuringia. It was a very craftsy place which taxidermists and wood-whittlers would love. The food was delicious, but LARGE! The pictures of my plate is of the left-over after I gorged myself. Given that this place is across the street from my Berlin home, I plan to go over and try out their Ginger, carrot, pumpkin soup their intriguing desserts over the coming weeks.

Ok, now Guten Nachten!
Feb 11, 2011
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Sushi and Smiles at Open Design City, Betahaus

After a slow start to the day, I found at long last a place to pick up a German SIM and a cyber cafe to get online. The first thing I did was get in touch with the founders of Open Design City (ODC), Betahaus - Jay Cousins and Christoph Doering, and set up to meet them at their space at 3pm. I was excited!

4:15pm found me lost on Orenienberger Str. when actually I needed to be at Orenien Str. And even when finally I made my way over to this street, I took another 15 mins. to get to the right intersection. Join me (please) in admitting that maps are not meant to be deciphered!

Haha, and if getting aound the city with a map was a challenge, getting my way around ODC, Betahaus without one was my next one. Its a gorgeous place with two floors of fantastically simple, low-cost and high-design (styling that only Europeans can pull off) co-working space, plush with conference centers, presentation rooms, post-boxes, et al.

The ground floor of this building is split between a large Cafe space and ODC. I walked right off the street, and into a presentation in rapid German, too fast for my rusty German beginner skills to comprehend unfortunately.

Finally after a couple of happy rides in a very cool, industrial elevator (straight out of a 80's sci-fi flick where a vengeful Terminator might just stick his skeletal arm into your eyes) I finally made my way over to ODC and got to meet my hosts - Chris and Jay.

They were both rather bleary-eyed after pulling off a successful session at the Transmediale. We got to chatting immediately. Soon I was pulled into an all too familiar world of cool ideas, passionate people, curious people, hackers, makers - all chugging along in peaceful co-existance. ODC is so aligned with Jaaga, its fantastic! We speak the same speak, share the same joys and weep the same woes.

Come sunset, and it seemed that there was going to be a Sushi making (and eating) workshop, and I was invited in. Got to meet several very interesting people running various, very connectable projects. A couple of beers and sushi rounds later, I decided to call it a night and venture finding my way back home. Will be headed off there tomorrow bright and early to see what new collaborations the morning might bring.

Auf wiedersehen!
Feb 9, 2011
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Bangalore in the Morning, Berlin at Noon

7th February | 10pm

I found my host's house after an interesting taxi ride from the airport. The chatty driver was studying to be a lawyer to help diplomatic relations between Turkey and Germany. Yep, he was Turkish-German.

Romainian-German Helmut, my host, turns out to be a semi-pro DJ at night and an architect with a penchant to make CAM generated 3D models as props for big movies (read for 2012 etc) and theater sets by day. While Helmut described his work, I sipped a mug of Lipton Lemon tea (a left-over from our common friend Renu Oberoi's visit here - small world), and marveled at the fact that only some 15 hours ago I was in Blore. A world of Sean, Jaaga, family, busy streets and hectic, happy socializing.

Now here I was, and as the immigration officer put it - the whole world willing, and I choose to travel alone. I quickly showered and decided to re-discover my old haunt - Prenzlauerberg. And this time I was super-prepped for the cold. Bundled up in thermals, fleece and wool, I definitely put a trifle-pudding to shame at the number of layers that went into this street-wise me.

As I walked along the street towards Prenzlauer Allee, my love for Berlin came back in full force. The graffiti, the quaint little shop fronts, the Backerei's all teeming with people born in different parts of the world, but German for life in the foreground, while in the background - the gorgeous leafless trees and large, silent buildings - sombre yet quirkily riddled with plants or someone's brushwork, seemed to all whisper in welcome as they gazed back at me.

And I soaked it all in. The fresh, clean air, the cyclists weaving crazily around me, the sounds of foreign birds and those friendly nods - warmth, even on a cold winter's evening. Yeah! It certainly feels like I have come to my home away from home!

Feb 8, 2011
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Copenhagen: Svenbro with Mogi

Mogi came over for our Hello!Earth Saturday evening performance at Vesterbro, Copenhagen. And post that and some beers and food, we both set off to his home in Svenbro.

I spent all of Sunday there. We hung out in his gorgeous 100 year old house. He is remodeling it so that it can be converted into two apartments. He would rent out half of it then and live in the other. His kids couldn't visit, given the last minute nature of our plans...but I certainly got to see a lot of pics of them all over the house.

He also took me into town. Though asleep given it was Sunday, it was perfectly quaint and sweet. We wandered the streets, ate of lot of Danish's and drank some great Apple Cider that Mogs and his partners are marketing.

We went over to his town garden too. So get this, in Denmark, if you have a town apartment, but still want to own a garden, you can rent one from the government. Then you get a lovely patch of land that you can cultivate either for food, or pretty flowers. Mogi's has one that is terraced and leads to a stream at the bottom. It was absolutely perfect. There is a small little cabin there too, which could be a great way to live for the summer months.

We sat on a little bench there amidst his gardens that are running slightly amok and discussed life. Love. And Loss. It was good to connect with him after more than a decade...about 15 years since we spoke so much. So there was plenty to share in term of where we have journeyed and what we have learnt.
Sep 21, 2010
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Sweden with the Sukrutraj Family

My second weekend in Denmark was spent in Sweden. Amogh, my first ever boyfriend when I was all of 17, came over and together we set of on a crazy ride on trains and buses to the land of Deepak (lambu) and Maria. Amogh and I concluded that it was all very well and good that we didn't actually stick it out together all those years ago, given that we are so very similar - lost, confused and a wee bit clueless
Yep, we missed trains, took extra long de-tours for no apparent reason and finally arrived in Sweden well past midnight.

It was a wonderful weekend with Deepaks lovely children, wife and friends. It was great for us to catch up and chat about the good old CKP days while wandering through the immaculate parks of Deepaks little neighbourhood. All night fire throwing, drinking and talking about the new life - being responsible, children, marriage...the good life.

Deepak also showed me around his workplace. How he made sets and props for the people he worked with at the Community Center, helping physically or mentally challenged folks connect with life through art. Yep - great weeked for sure
Sep 21, 2010
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Copenhagen Diaries

Arrived about four days ago to this Viking country. Vera and Jacob, the driving creative forces of HELLO!EARTH - the project that I am here to work on, came over to the airport to pick me up. We drove straight to our studio - Jyesk Kartofelskaellri (The Potato Peeling Factory). Ronaldo from the Philippines, Anna from Brazil, Vera, Jacob and I would be working closely to develop and perform 1&1=1 for the MY WORLD IMAGES festival in the first week of September.

Later that night, they dropped me to the home of my hosts - The Nielsen-Skjot Family. Its been a really pleasant time getting to know Nina and Jens who have graciously and generously opened their homes for me. Their son Soren, totally reminds me of my nephew Abhay - talk, geeky and super smart. Its been a pleasure to return to their home every evening and have long conversations over dinner about life in Denmark, life in India and life in general.

August is Jen's grandson. Louisa, his mom invited me to be part of August's baptism ceremony. It was held at the local church - a beautiful red brick building with an eight hundered year history. It was a simple and beautiful ceremony. This church reminded me a bit of a Hansel & Gretel bread baked building. Charming. Loved the psalms - the organ accompanying voices that rose in such harmony with the simplicity of the space. While Denmark is a protestant country, most of the people are agnostic. August certainly was rather decided that he didn't want any part of it I must say

Nina showed me the little village of Hestel. This reagion has had people living there for more than 6000 years. The little winding roads, though the West Forests, the cottages, the farm houses, the community center...picture perfect!

Aug 15, 2010
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The Berlin Love Brigade

The last week at Berlin was glorious. Sean (my then boyfriend and current husband) came to spend a week with me. I got to show off my favorite city to my favorite person. At the end of the week, on 24th October 2009, Mr. Sean Olin Blagsvedt proposed to me in the Friedrichsein Park! The rest is history. Go see our wedding craziness at Look at our pics below to see snippets of our week together and that wonderful, wonderful day when the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor, the love of my life asked to stay in my life forever:

Aug 12, 2010
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