I run which connects millions of aspiring job seekers to better jobs through the phone.

I do this job as a hugely scale-able experiment to build a digital platform that creates better livelihood opportunities for everyone on the planet and enables employers who want to hire entry labor labor - cashiers, drivers, cooks, delivery helpers, etc - do so quickly and reliably.

I believe Babajob is best use of my time, given the skills I have, to positively change the world and make it fairer for everyone.

Ping me if you want to know more. We need people who care, are wicked smart and terribly passionate about building digital businesses to change the world for the other half. As of October, 2014, we have got 3m job seekers in India, meaning we only need to get 1000x bigger before I'd say we are done....
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I have a wonderful wife, son and dog who live with me in Bangalore.
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Song of the Day: Single Ladies (Should've Put a Ring on It)

Song of the Day: Single Ladies (Should've Put a Ring on It) - an amazing and strange Beyonce song. It's tremendously heavy in the high notes. Almost no mid-tones or bass. Its primary backing instruments are the syncopated sound of jumping videogame space aliens and during my favorite part, the chorus - huge, minor metalic synth chord lumbering subtly behind fore-warning the arrival of impending robotic doom. All this with a lyrical message extolling women to marry and a tempo around a jungle-lovin 150BPM.
Jan 10, 2009
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