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Aranya Bhavan, Malleswaram, Pala Bangalore
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Monday Oct 17
Oakland, CA
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I have a wonderful wife, son and dog who live with me in Bangalore.
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Song of the Day: Single Ladies (Should've Put a Ring on It)

Song of the Day: Single Ladies (Should've Put a Ring on It) - an amazing and strange Beyonce song. It's tremendously heavy in the high notes. Almost no mid-tones or bass. Its primary backing instruments are the syncopated sound of jumping videogame space aliens and during my favorite part, the chorus - huge, minor metalic synth chord lumbering subtly behind fore-warning the arrival of impending robotic doom. All this with a lyrical message extolling women to marry and a tempo around a jungle-lovin 150BPM.
Jan 10, 2009
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