Sangeetha Mobiles pvt ltd

We are a company in the business of retailing mobile phones, smart phones and tablet devices. We have a turnover of 500 crores (USD XXX-XXX-XXXX), seven million happy customers and 70,000 more that join our family every month. This however is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our plans for the future sometimes make us shake our own heads in disbelief. We pause for a moment to allow the joyous reality to sink in and appreciate the fact that it was the TRUST factor that got us here in the first place. A value instilled in us by our parents who we humbly revere to a point that no matter how big we grow, we as an organization will still be a family business. This is extremely important in today’s robotic business environment. We understand what emotions are and that is why we are market leaders in a “do or disappear” business.

Things however were never given to us on a platter. Decades ago in the year 1974 to be precise, Mr. L.P.Narayana R
B Sk II Stage, Banashankari III Bangalore
Last sign in
Jan 2, 2015
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English, Kannada, Telugu
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