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Night Shift |
Punjabi |
  • Hebbal, 560024,
  • Bangalore


Sponsored by Nitika Mehra

  • Rs5000/month
  • Required experience 2 years

Experienced cook who knows how to cook north indian food.
Should come in the morning for 2-3hrs.
the address is - godrej apts, hebbal, bangalore.
Day Shift 8.00 AM 11.AM
Sunday off
two adults two children s
Some level of continental...

  • Posted 1 week ago

  • Krishnarajapura, 560036,
  • Bangalore

Brahmin Cook

Sponsored by Sandeep Patil

  • Rs5000/month
  • Required experience 2 years

Female Brahmin cook needed, for mornings only, to cook for 3 ppl. Salary Rs.5000.

  • Posted 2 weeks ago

  • near HAL Airport, 560017
  • in Bangalore

North Indian Cook

Puneet Goyal

  • Rs4000/month
  • Required experience 1 years

Hi, Looking for a cook who can cook good north indian food.
Please forward any good leads. Thanks

  • 8 Applicants

  • Posted

    1 month ago

  • 1
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