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Telugu |
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  • I I T Mumbai, 400076,
  • Mumbai

Field Sales Executive

Sponsored by Kapil Wanaskar

  • Rs18000/month
  • Required experience 0 years

Sales executive will have to deal with companies, wholesale shops and tempo agencies to partner with us. This is an purely onfield job, so people with strong willpower and ready to do hardwork have great career opportunity.

  • Posted 3 weeks ago

  • near Goregaon East, 400063
  • in Mumbai

Relationship Manager

Kreate Communications

  • Rs15000/month
  • Required experience 3 years

Looking for a well experienced relationship manager with good communication and computer skills. Social work background is appreciated. People with prior experience only apply.

  • 2 Applicants

  • Posted

    2 weeks ago

  • 1
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