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Nanny Child Caretaker

Rs 8000/month
Sponsored by Sanjeev
Required experience 2 years
Looking for Nanny Child Caretaker. Salary Rs.8000.
• Create a stimulating, nurturing, and safe environment for the children
• Supervise the children’s activities at all times
• Plan and prepare meals and bottles for, and feed, the children
• Dress the children
• Place the children down for naps and bedtime
• Bathe the children and ensure overall hygiene
• Change diapers
• Potty train the children (not relevant at this time)
• Perform housework related to child care, including washing and ironing the children’s clothes
• Cleaning up after meals, tidying play areas/toys/books, and washing bottles/lunch boxes
• Teach the children good social manners
• Play with the children, both indoors and outdoors including taking them to parks
• Plan and lead educational activities, including reading, homework, with the children
• Accompany the children to and from activities
• Administer medicine to the children
• Assisting with language acquisition and development
• Tidying up children's rooms including cupboards and bathrooms
• Identify requirements for children upfront and let parents know as soon as possible
in Mumbai near Kandivali West, 400067
Posted Thursday Sep 4

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