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Senior Civil Engineer

Sponsored by Samagra Empowerment Foundation

  • Rs 20000 /month
  • Required experience 5 years

Samagra Empowerment Foundation is looking for a passionate Civi...

  • Posted Monday Dec 8

Samagra Empowerment Foundation is looking for a passionate Civil Engineer with with burning desire to create change by innovating solutions that empower the underprivileged communities.
We strive to design sanitation facilities that promote usage and behvaior change.For us, Toilet Design is as much about ART as it is about SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY.
Apply only if you want to work together with us in building a more inclusive India for all.

- Technical Supervision of Civil Sites
- Design and construction of Sanitation Facilities and Toilets for schools
- Design and construction of Sanitation Facilities and Toilets for the Poor
- Renovation of Existing Sanitation Facilities and Toilets

A. Information Collection:
- Visiting the toilet sites, taking pictures of issues and surroundings, taking measurements of the buildings, stalls etc.
- Collecting information from end users

B. Documentation & Reporting:
- Documenting the issues in the format provided by Samagra
- Writing and presenting reports, project estimates and proposals, assisting in applications and contracts

C. Solution Design & Implementation:
- Suggesting a suitable, low-cost, robust, vandalism proof design for toilets and facilities.
- Creating building designs and highly detailed 2D drawings in AutoCAD
- Creating 3D rendering of the above 2D drawings, when required (using any of the 3D modelling software like Rhino, AutoCAD for 3D, Solidworks, Maya etc.),
- Liaising with partners
- Working around constraining factors such as town planning legislation, environmental impact and project budget
- Working closely with Samagra's team - field supervisor, social researcher, customer service group, business management team, outreach and communication team
- Choosing the materials appropriate for the project at hand
- Specifying the requirements for a project
- Adapting plans according to circumstances and resolving any problems that may arise during construction pragmatically
- Making sure the project is running according to schedule and budget
- Playing a part in project and team management
- Visiting regularly to building sites, proposed locations and client meetings

1. Passion, Dedication, Purpose
2. Hardworking and Professional Attitude
3. Ability to take criticisms constructively
4. Proficiency in AutoCAD 2D designs
5. Ability to read hand drawn 2D plans
6. Knowledge of a 3D modelling tool is a plus, or ability to learn the tool in a short amount of time
7. Proficient in estimating project costs, writing proposals and reports, and making presentations in MS Powerpoint
8. Very comfortable with field work
9. Proficient in taking measurements and civil work
10. Creative in foreseeing low cost, efficient solutions to commonly faced issues in the community
11. Comfortable in working in a diverse team and participating in collaborative work

- Site visits and meetings with clients are frequent.
- Working hours are typically 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Saturday, but you may also have to work extra hours, evenings and weekends to meet tight deadlines

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