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UX Geek / Front End Web Engineer in Bangalore

Posted 2 Years ago

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Babajob Services Private Limited
Rs. 70000 / month
Richmond Town in Bangalore SHOW MAP

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4 Years experience required
We are looking for great developers who are crazy smart, can learn and are willing to experiment.

• Own our job seeker and customer experiences features on the web, mobile web and apps.
• Improve our feedback and tracking mechanisms so we can develop understanding of which UI/UX experiments are most successful
• Implement code to refine and improve our search engine rankings
• Implement viral and social media integration features

Desired Experience
• At least 4 years of experience building beautiful, usable products for the web HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript
• Experience with developing products that work across browsers.
• Work with modern web/mobile standards and APIs - e.g. the FB API, JSON, VXML, Objective C, OpenSocial, REST, PhoneGap, HTML5, CCS3, etc.
• Experience in creating some amazing and hopefully popular sites on your own or inside a company

Nice to Have
• Deep knowledge of analytics frameworks
• Experience in developing products for the mobile web
• Experience in a start-up is a plus
• Experience in creating some amazing and hopefully popular sites on your own or inside a company
• Experience in .NET, ASP.NET, SQL or MVC frameworks.

Skills we value:
• You dream in code and love coding
• You are analytical and know how to solve problems you don’t yet understand
• You have a passion for learning new technologies
• You like working with other great developers who want to change the world.

From a technical standpoint, we run a variety of modern technologies, including MVC, AWS, MS SQL, jQuery, ElasticSearch, Bootstrap.js, and integrate with google maps, facebook, and a host of SMS, voice, payment and ad serving services. Today we run a bulk of our servers on .NET but are not ideological about our technology choices and would love to import expertise in areas we don't currently know well.

We want every employee to be as committed to the success of this endeavor as we are, and thus our compensation packages are attractive and stock option packages are available as well.

Candidates must be available to work full-time in our Bangalore office.
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About Babajob Services Private Limited

At, we seek to grow our team with truly stellar talent. We have already helped more than 2 million job seekers connect to better livelihoods but to reach tens of millions more, we need people who are analytical, driven and smart and passionate about solving the problem: How do employers efficiently and quickly hire the right talent for their blue and grey collared hiring requirements ?

We believe this is one of the worlds most important problems, and if you care about solving it as much as we do, lets talk.

Babajob is a for-profit start-up and we place incredible importance on every person we bring into the organization. All candidates must be self-starters with exceptional intelligence and the ability to work independently and creatively.

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