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Information Technology Engineer in Pune

Posted 5 month ago

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Ubale Brothers Industries Pvt Ltd
Rs. 14000 / month
Congress House Road,Pune Weather,S.S.C.Exam Board,Shivajinagar in Pune SHOW MAP

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Looking for a Information Technology Engineer


Ubale Brothers Industries Pvt Ltd

About Ubale Brothers Industries Pvt Ltd

At Ubale Brothers Industries Pvt. Ltd. (UBIPL), we are committed to create an environment which is challenging but people-friendly, simple but with hard work and performance-driven, knotted with cultural values combined with advanced technology. Our culture fosters excellence and gives people space to take initiative, and to experiment. As a part of UBIPL, Ubale Retails follows same working lane and aims to deliver unique opportunities to its employees in terms of learning, career development, recognition and family well-being.

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