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Wondering what the legal working age is ? How to reduce the chance of theft by an employee? Here are some tips that will help you find better candidates and retain them at your office or home.

Don't pay upfront fees to agencies

Agencies occassionally pose as job seekers on and some have been known to defraud employers. Please report any such activity by emailing at
Verified Documents

Verify your potential employee's references and documents

Ask for Voter Cards/Driver's licenses, references and contact numbers of previous employers. Do not interview job seekers that cannot provide any such references.  If absolutely no one can vouch for them - do really want to hire them? Also, consider using a verification service to verify a candidate's references, police records and address.
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Domestic Employer Guidelines

Can't hold on to your domestic help? These guidelines can help.

The domestic worker is indispensable to our daily lives and they clean our homes, tend to our children and enable us to carry on our lives outside of the home. Yet, inadequate wages, callous treatment and poor working conditions lead to job dissatisfaction. As employers, we are very often guilty of this behavior without even realizing it!
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Employment Agreement

Want an healthy relationship between you and your employee? Create an Employment Contract

One of the biggest problems with the domestic employment relationship is differing expectations. Unless the employer's and employee's expectations are discussed and written down there is a good chance of disagreement and unhappiness. Download sample employment contact >>
Employee Insurance

Insure your Employees

Babajob strives to make health insurance easy to purchase for your employees. It is affordable and easy to buy protection from hospitalization costs and only costs a few rupees per day. It will also protect you as the employer from sudden requests for health costs from your employee. Based on our internal research, recommends some options for you:
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Legal Age

Verify age and only hire adults 18 years or older

Indian law prohibits the employment of children below 14 years of age, and this includes housework. And the Juvenile Justice Act considers a person less than 18 years of age a child, and hence domestic work is prohibited.
Provide us Feedback

Review and provide feedback on job seekers

Your feedback is very important and helps other employers too. Just click Add Review on a job seeker's homepage and tell us about your experiences, both positive and negative.

Tell us your tips!

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