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Who We Are is India's largest online job portal for aspiring workers. was developed with a purpose - to have a positive social impact on society. Livelihoods are not simply about creating jobs. Livelihoods are more fundamentally about creating opportunities for dignified work. Today, our company empowers job seekers and employers in the marketplace by leveraging our integrated digital and mobile platform.

In an era where we have an opportunity to eradicate poverty, in a world where no man or woman should be left behind, on the street - so to speak - is a solution. is the brainchild of Sean Blagsvedt - Chief Executive Officer of, his step-father Ira Weise and Microsoft colleague Vibhore Goyal. Through leveraging the web, mobile phones and social networks, to accelerate the escape from poverty, is seeking a solution to balancing society’s inequities. By eliminating traditional Supply and Demand barriers, aims to provide all levels of job seekers with an abundance of job opportunities as well as efficiently helping employers find suitable hires.

Our current team is a diverse group of about 300 employees headquartered in Bangalore, India. Our workforce has been purposefully expanding, since inception, to support our growth and market penetration and we continue to grow, rapidly.

What We Do

At we are passionate and committed to finding better jobs for everyone. We strive to provide an integrated platform to enable access to better employment opportunities for every Indian, in every state, across the country. Using our technology algorithm we tenaciously endeavor to supply and connect the right talent to the right employer. Our company's focus is the informal job sector, where we specialize in providing jobs such as: delivery boys, office helpers, drivers, cooks, maids;,security guards and more. We also provide entry-level positions in the formal job sector market, in areas such as: Sales, Management, Finance, Engineering, IT, BPO and Teaching.

As an added service we offer personal growth and professional development opportunities through our training partners.

Job Seekers - tap into our network of companies with 3.7 million job openings across India, posted through 206,000 different employers! Our research shows that hired job seekers report an average increase in income year-on-year of approximately 24%.

Employers - tap into our talent pool of more than 3.3 million registered job seekers.

  1. Get Pre-screened Candidates through Babajob. We offer safety and security solutions to employers upon request. We are able to validate/authenticate candidates before they meet with an employer by providing background checks. We can verify information for employers through a variety of public records such as Police Reports, Court Records etc.
  2. Rapidhire Starter & Rapidhire Plus - These are real time services that we provide whereby screened candidates contact the employer within minutes. Rapidhire Plus is a service for enterprises that are looking to do bulk hiring quickly, or for single households looking for an immediate candidate with a sense of urgency.

We invite both Job Seekers and Employers to explore the many opportunities and benefits of working with

Why Babajob?

It's simple. Because We Care. We support job seekers in achieving their goals by providing ample job opportunities. We also understand the importance of efficiently helping employers find qualified employees. On both sides of the spectrum, we translate, coordinate and realize these various opportunities. believes that in an emerging country, such as India, informal jobs are one of the main ways for people to escape from poverty. Additionally, the quantity and quality of jobs being created is also of high importance. An increase in income allows a man to increase his consumption of basic goods and services, thereby increasing his standard of living. This, in the long-run, aids in propelling a nation from an emerging economy into a developed/ing nation. At we are in pursuit of employment creation. Development of a nation cannot take place without the basic necessity of providing quality jobs for its citizens. In this dynamic digital age is posed to leverage its platform to benefit the (Indian) common man.

Most recently secured a $10 million minority investment from SEEK Limited (ASX: SEK) and its affiliate companies. SEEK is the largest online labor/employment provider in the world with an extensive presence in numerous emerging markets including; China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. SEEK funding is presently being employed to expand the Babajob team and increase brand presence throughout India. This is the second round of funding for after a Series A round led by Gray Ghost Ventures and Khosla Impact in 2012, and a USAID-DIV (Development Innovation Ventures) Award, earned in 2013.

Call Us - Anyone, Anywhere

Anyone searching for a job, anywhere in India, can simply give us a missed call on 0888-000-4444. This is a free call for the person making the call. Upon receiving a missed call, we call back within minutes. We have created innovative mechanisms whereby users can register themselves via their mobile phone, use their mobile web, sms us, or simply download our Babajob mobile app on any Android phone. Experienced users can also register friends and family. Additionally, job seekers can register online on our website .

Employers looking to hire employees can call us on 0888-000-6666 or can register on our website and then post their requirements.

Why the term "Baba"

Baba is an honorific Hindi term used for father, wise man, an elderly man who takes care of us, or simply someone who gives us sound advice. It is often used as an expression of respect and also used as a colloquial term for an unskilled worker. It is commonly applied towards older men who carry out jobs that very often may seem mundane or undemanding. Very often these positions in society are without recognition. We here at value the services of these men (and women) and look to raise the bar for the Indian common man in society. is simply a platform for these men and women.

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